LARC attends Tshisimani hosted seminar on land justice

6 Jun 2019 - 15:00

LARC researcher Ms. Nokwanda Sihlali attended a Tshisimani hosted seminar on land justice with the theme being “the state of land movements in the SADC region” on the 6th of June 2019. Members of Reclaim The City, COSATU, DAG, UCT Sociology of the environment lecturer were in attendance to share insights on how to define movements. A presentation by University of Coimbra PhD student Boavenutura Monjane, entitled “Land Movements in the region: A case of Mozambique and other SADC”, was used to facilitate the conversation. The presentation was premised on the disproving the idea that capitalism has absolved the agrarian question and that the peasantry has disappeared in Africa, the main example used to highlight this matter was a case study of UNAC, which is Mozambique’s farmers/ peasant’s movement.