LARC attends ARD partner workshop on Section 25

12 Sep 2018 - 14:15

Over the weekend, LARC researchers attended and assisted with a two-day workshop organised in partnership with The Alliance for Rural Democracy (ARD). The ARD, a long-standing partner of LARC, convened a gathering of activists across the rural and urban sectors in Cape Town on Sunday and Monday, 9 and 10 September 2018. The workshop was followed by a march to the National Assembly to hand in their memorandum (download here).

The workshop was held at the Cape Lodge Hotel. It aimed to discuss and develop constituency specific demands for implementation of an effective pro-poor programme of land reform. More than a hundred people attended the workshop from all across the country.

Representatives included restitution claimants, members of Communal Property Associations who have received land through the land reform programme, farm workers and dwellers, labour tenants, people living in communal areas across the country including under the Ingonyama Trust, people living in former ‘Coloured reserves’ and representatives from urban informal settlement and inner city communities.

LARC not only supported this joint initiative financially, but also through availing seven LARC researchers to act as scribes for the various groups. LARC researchers assisted the representatives to capture their memoranda to the National Assembly. LARC Director and Chief Researcher, Dr. Aninka Claassens, also attended this very important workshop in full, offering her support and encouragement to the representatives as they navigated their way through this crucial process.

The ARD and associated organisations, including LARC, are concerned that the current debate around expropriation without compensation has diverted attention from the failures of the land reform programme. They plan to mount a campaign to advance the analysis, findings and recommendations contained in the report of the High Level Panel on the Assessment of Key Legislation and the Acceleration of Fundamental Change chaired by former President Kgalema Motlanthe so that these can be implemented.

To download/read the People’s Land March to the National Assembly Memorandum, please click here.